Domain Name Search

Component to monitor of the entire space of expiring domain names 

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SEO Domains

Preown domain names with history of website development and related backlinks: SEO metrics and topical metrics related to the domain. These domains are very valuable for SEO purpose: netlinking juice, tier 2 websites, etc.

Generic Domains

Domains related to a common word or expression, also search request. Very easy to remember and use for topical website, media or marketing focused. 

Expiring Domains

We process millions of domains on a monthly basis, from pending delete lists and pre-release lists. After ingesting the lists, automated filtering 

Domain fetching
We fetch all domain names from the pending delete lists :
  • gTLD
  • ccTLD
major pre-release lists:
  • Godaddy
  • Namejet
  • Snapnames
We also monitor the expired domain space
Automated Filtering  
Our domain database bots fetch many parameters related to the domain names:
  • SEO Metrics from the main data vendors (Majestic, Ahref, etc.), including topical data, and backlinks anchors 
  • Traffic Insights from the main data vendors (Alexa, SimilarWeb, etc)
  • Whois data, for saturation evaluation
  • Genericity data, with keyword databases (200+ millions entries)
Our interface, with all the preceding filters and possible use of search engine features enables to pre-select the small subset of valuable 
Manual Filtering  
Manual review to:
  • valuate domains
  • exclude legal risks
  • Database with UI (Website)
  • CSV lists
  • Domain Database API