Bootstrap CMS

Versatile CMS with professional foundations: rich content from popular editing environments (no clumsy web based editor), easy configuration, and best of the art web design

Sample image
Document based

The content te be published within the website can be created with professional editing environment (LibreOffice, MS Office, Office 365), to create rich content. The content will be converted to XML by the CMS, regardless to heterogeous document styling, and published with homogeneous styling.
Pieces of content can be html, using the Bootstrap syntax.

100% Wysiwyg website editing 

All website configuration, categorization, asset fetching and styling goes through a Wysiwyg interface. From simple ti very complex website, without annoying interface, template handling, coding, etc. 

Modern Design

Natively responsive, build with Material Design guidelines, and published version as a 100% Bootstrap website

Document based
Supported document format:
  • OpenDocument
  • MS Office
  • html (Bootstrap)
  • php
  • PDF
Rich document support: embedded images,  OLE, tables, lists, boxes, document styling and text styling
Other content types  
  • Image
  • Archive (for downloads)
  • Page blocks selection and ordering
  • Block behavior configuration
  • Category creating and handling
  • Category structure handling
  • Relations between categories and asset pages
Asset fetching  
  • Drag and drop assets to a cloud space
  • Checkin to the CMS from the cloud space
  • Checkout of assets for editing on the cloud
  • Font scheme
  • Coor scheme
  • Content styling
  • Page structure styling
  • Published version
  • Website API