Authoring Framework

An IDE-like component to give the editor recommendations on website architecture, content ideas and briefs. Based on the topic database

Topic clusters

The topic demand is divided into clusters, that helps create the website architecture: create categories, hierarchical structure, relations between categories 

Content for topic clusters

The content fetched into the content database related to topic clusters, with demand metrics (real trafic) enables to choose the preferred articles to develop


On top of automatic curation, manual curation of sources and content within the clusters, for future brief production

Brief management

With all these insights, the editor create a brief (selection of source content, keywords, related links, and instructions)  for the copywriter. Brief workflow, from assigning, reviewing the brief based article, until the final article is accepted


The articles are directly fetched in the CMS for online publishing


The editor can monitor the articles perfomance and source updates to decide to update articles

Starts with the Demand database
Manual Curation  
  • Curation of items and sources
  • Shared curation (between different topic databases)
  • Visitor curation
Architecture editing  
  • Category editing
  • Hierarchical category editing
  • Related Categories
  • Relations between categories and article topics
Article briefs  
  • Article topic selection
  • Article brief editing
Brief management  
  • Brief status overview
  • Brief assignment
  • Article review
  • Published articles monitoring
  • Source updates monitoring
  • Brief updates to article updates
  • Briefs and articles
  • Sitemap for automated website structure creation