Tools for online publishing intelligence

We offer online professional components for all stages of online publishing: analyze the Content Demand for a topic, get Insights for the website architecture and content production, publish it with a Bootstrap CMS, and find a valuable Web address (domain name) to host it

Content Demand

This component produce a content database for any selected topic, with all the SEO metrics. The database is published online to get the real Content Demand metrics for this topic

Exact Demand

The Content Demand we measure is not estimated with rough external metrics, but the true demand we observe by analyzing the database traffic

Long Tail Demand

We explore thousands of subtopics - deep in the long tail, to discover  questions with unsufficient answering content, which can bring traffic with a ratio into the 1000+  compared to the average traffic

Content and Demand APIs

The topic database, with automated and manual curation, is a source of fresh and qualified data for this topic (Content API) to be published as curated feeds or ingested in the Authoring Framework, among with the Content Demand (Demand API)

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Authoring Framework

In the spirit of an IDE and a newsroom software, and based on the content database, the authoring framework enables the web editor to have insights on all editorial tasks. Site architecture, categorization, content ideas, ingested content curation for brief editing


Categories are suggested, with their sub-categories, with as many level as needed

Content ideas

Suggestion of possible content ideas, choice helped with  Content Demand traffic metrics

Brief editing

For a given content idea, the editor creates a brief, with all suggested sources and components, and push it to the writer to get an article


Briefs enable an automated monitoring of articles to update

Enhanced content 

Apart from Web content, other content sources can be fetched: books, documents, etc.


With briefs, the publisher controls the work of a writer (particularly outsourced), and prevents an overuse of a some content sources, thus keeps the publisher safer against legal issues

Bootstrap CMS

High productive CMS, based on Office or LibreOffice documents, Bootstrap content and digital media assets. Wysiwyg interface and programmatic interface (API). The published website is 100% full Bootstrap

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Document based

The content to be published can be authored in popular editing environments (LibreOffice, MS Office) and directly published as a Web content in the website structure. Enables to create rich content websites

Wysiwyg & API

Site architecture, categorization, asset management, and styling through a Wysiwyg interface. An additional API enables to access to all features, like an Headless CMS

Bootstrap support

Any bootstrap content can be added into the CMS. The website will be published using the Bootstrap framework. An export filter for any framework can be easily developped

Domain Name Analysis

Online publishing starts with a domain name. Our algorithms analyze millions of domains monthly to discover the best domains to catch

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SEO Domains

Pre-owned domains may be valuable for their existing backlinks. By analyzing SEO metrics and backlinks anchors, we can find domains with SEO power for any topic

Generic Domains

With our massive keyword databases, we filter domain names related to significiant search engine requests, dictionary words or expressions

Catch, Sell or Developp

The domains we catch are developped as media properties or sold through our dedicated domain name selling plateform